Sunday, March 15, 2020

people of dubai essays

people of dubai essays My topic for research is What makes a Club successful? I chose this topic because I find it extremely interesting that on certain nights only selected night clubs are popluar, depending on the music theme and the cover charge. So, I wanted to look into it more deeply and see the otherfactors that contribute to making a night club popluar. If I wanted to open a club in Manchester, New Hampshire, I would need to know what are the key factors that would contribute to its success and attract the targeted crowd. The kind of music, dress code, location, ambience, drinks served, cover charge - all play a part in the success of the good night club. I want to study what are the facotrs that make or break a night club because, I feel, I ti s very important to know all this due to th intense competition. People would lie about the cover charge and entrace fees being reasonable or too expensive. The people working at the club might not give correct information. I may not be able to go visit all the clubs in manchester, due to lack of transportation. I am assuming I will do this research without an biases. Clubs that are open till later than others will attract more people. Lower entrance fee will attract more people. Lowering the age limit to 18years will bring in underage troublemakers, who would want to drink. I am sure I can do this reasearch and get the results I am looking for. Will the popularity of the club increase if the ages limit is reduced to 18+? Does the amount of entrance fee have an influence on the kind people who go there, in terms of age, occupation, etc If the club is open till later than others, will it attract more people? ...

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